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Tyna "FANCE" Logan is a Detroit-born artist and creative director who dedicates herself to the curation of fashion productions and DJ-ing. In addition to producing shows for high-brow clientele such as Mercedes-Benz.  FANCE created The Fashion Massacre, a fashion installation featuring the works of multiple designers from different cities across the world. 

She became a DJ because of her general interest in innovating and creating new experiences. At the start of the pandemic, FANCE had more time to begin focusing on teaching herself how to DJ. She identifies herself as a Sonic Artist and curated her first Sonic Art Show in March of 2021.

Through her sonic art shows, she has an unwavering desire to create new experiences through art and she fuses music and unique sounds to create a premium sonic experience.  FANCE’s objectives and passion are aligned as she seeks to obtain the highest level of creativity with every occasion.



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